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Zombicon is the sixth episode of Season 1 of The Walking Dead of Life. This episode reveals where at least some of Crazy Dave's plants have been, and how they will be of use in the future.


Zombicon starts! Fire Mario and Lego Mario encounter some surprise guests…


(#1) Marriage Problems

Fire Mario is bored, as there's nothing to do today. It also seems as though Waluigi is still staying in the Dump House. But then, the Geralds arrive outside. Lego Mario, Fire Mario, and Crazy Dave all go outside to see that the Geralds' two cars have arrived. There's Gerald 1 and 3, and Gerald 5 and 2, respectively, just like in the last episode. It turns out that they have decided to take Fire Mario and Lego Mario to Zombicon a bit earlier. The two are instructed to get in their car and drive there. However, Lego Mario has other plans. He needs to talk to Peach. It turns out that he hasn't talked to her in years, and that Lego Mario and Peach are still married. Peach is currently not signing the divorce papers. The Geralds tell him to hurry up, and so he goes with Fire Mario's car. The Geralds offer to tell scary stories while everyone is waiting. No, wait, a movie! They all go inside the Dump House to watch a movie.

Lego Mario, becoming angry at the news.

Before meeting Peach, Lego Mario pulls his ballsack again to obtain a manly voice. He wonders how to get up there. He then notices the hover pad, and uses it. But, he bonks his head, so he just chills for a bit before using it again. However, he notices that a zombie is stalking him. It's a Yeti Zombie, but it's not Bright Yeti or Yeti. It's someone named Buff Yeti. Lego Mario decides to hurry up and resolve it quicker. He then moves the hover pad a bit so he won't bonk his head, and uses it again. This time, he reaches the platform, where Peach is. Peach wonders what happened to his voice, implying that it wasn't that deep before. Lego Mario then jokes about being a woman before. After that, Lego Mario tries to ask how she's been doing, but Peach tells him to leave. It turns out that she cheated on him with Toad?! Lego Mario then straight up punches her and leaves. When Peach gets back up, Buff Yeti has found out how to use the hover pad. He is right behind her…

(#2) To the Entrance

Back at the Dump House, Fire Mario says that the movie sucked. It was a reboot of a popular movie. Fire Mario and Waluigi both agree that reboots suck. Blue Toad then asks where Lego Mario is, and Fire Mario says that he's seeing Peach. Blue Toad then says "uh oh," as if he's done something bad. He suddenly leaves. They then hear Lego Mario scream that he's gonna kill someone. Lego Mario has figured out that it is Blue Toad, because when Waluigi visited at night in Sorry Ronald, it was mentioned that Blue Toad lost his virginity. He put two and two together. Fire Mario and Crazy Dave go outside the Dump House to talk to Lego Mario. It's semi-confirmed that Peach sleeps with the people she wants sometimes. Meanwhile, Blue Toad has ran away, and Lego Mario will most likely kill him the next time he sees him. Anyways, Lego Mario, Fire Mario, and the Geralds finally head out to Zombicon. Toad wanted to come, but he'll most likely die, unless he wants to be used as a sacrifice, which he opts out of, too. Besides, it's against the rules to sacrifice somebody in Zombicon.

Fire Mario, arriving to the Zombicon Gate after an annoying trial.

Waluigi decides to head out, too. Toad stays, keeping Crazy Dave company. He also says that Blue Toad will probably come back soon, but Crazy Dave informs him that he lost his virginity to Lego Mario's wife. Speaking of Blue Toad, he took Gerald 5 and 2's car with him. However, Gerald 1 and 3's car has two more passenger seats, so Gerald 2 and 5 sat there. The Geralds then say that Fire Mario and Lego Mario need to follow them to Zombicon. It's a test, actually. If they lag behind, it doesn't matter. They're not waiting for them. Unfortunately, Fire Mario and Lego Mario had to lag behind, because their car ran out of gas. A supposedly million dollar car is running into problems again. Fire Mario punches and stomps the car, and then the car moves by itself. Since they no longer have a car to use, they walk there. They eventually make it. It seems that the car has made it all the way to the Geralds' stopping place. Anyways, there is a gate to Zombicon. Since Lego Mario has walked too much, Fire Mario is the one who carries him this time.

(#3) Shocking Line-up


There is a crowd of people, which includes (but not limited to) Mario, Mario 318, Bomb, Terence, Amiibo Mario, the Tough Red Brothers, Wolfman, and Eggbert. They all stand before Isabelle, a dog. She controls what the people do, and she sets the arrangements, including how everything works. Mario then notices Fire Mario and Lego Mario. Mario's voice is deep this time, because he pulled his ballsack. Now, ladies love him. However, Fire Mario is not too pleased with seeing him again. He punches Mario. Turns out that something bad happened to Luigi, and it's Mario's fault. He sacrificed Luigi to zombies. Mario claims that he had no choice. Isabelle hears this, but she decides to do nothing about it for now. She then tries to go over what she has to say, but then Eggbert asks when they will get free food. It's revealed that one gets free food after one kills a zombie. But Eggbert says that he is really hungry, and is thinking about eating the Potato Mine plant over there. Isabelle warns him not to do it.

Isabelle also explains that sometimes at night, people will be forced to wake up just to kill zombies. There are also plants that everyone will receive, which is why she told Eggbert not to eat the Potato Mine. Along with a plant, everyone will have one partner. Isabelle then says that she will be right back. Fire Mario and Lego Mario notice Eggbert, and Fire Mario is afraid that he's gonna crush them. They also speculate that Eggbert will kill the most zombies just by sitting on them. They also notice the Tough Red Brothers, and wonder why they're here if they are millionaires on Instagram. Fire Mario mentions the time they tried to burn down the Dump House. Of course, Fire Mario was the one who supplied Crazy Dave with the water to stop the fire. Eggbert then notices Fire Mario and Lego Mario, and says hi. He asks them for food, but they say no. The small dog next to them tells Eggbert that they're sure he's had enough food, since he's fat. Eggbert then says that he's been stuck to this egg ever since he was born. He then smooshes the dog, making them regret what they said, and goes back to his spot after a bit of screw-yous exchanged from the dog, to Eggbert, and the cat next to the dog.

(#4) Picking the Plants

Letsa pick the plants!

It's time for the people to select their plants. There is a sizable line of plants to choose from. Fire Mario and Lego Mario choose Wall Nut, who introduces himself as really nice. Since there's two in a team, they choose a second plant. Though, it's not actually a plant. It turns out that after Fire ran away in You're Late Dude, he wound up in Zombicon, so they got him back this time. Meanwhile, the Tough Red Brothers choose Gatling Pea and Cherry Bomb, the latter of which keeps getting called a "squash." The small dog and cat from last time goes up to get a Potato Mine and the taller Squash, the latter of which claims that his name is Cherry Bomb. The real Cherry Bomb notices this, and the Tall Squash said that if Cherry Bomb is gonna be called "Squash," then the Tall Squash should be called "Cherry Bomb." Nigel, the large white bird, and a large white dog have picked Snow Pea and Peashooter, but the red and green excited birds want it, too. Nigel looks at them menacingly, but they take that as a yes and run with the plants. With their plants gone, the large dog and Nigel decide to pick Cactus and Winter Melon instead. Next, the two twin ducks joke by saying they pick each other. Isabelle tells them to pick a plant already, so they pick Sunflower and the smaller Squash, the latter of which ends up being Whispering Squash later on in the Franchise.

The villain, and the misunderstood.

Eggbert and Amiibo Mario have become partners. First, they pick NutWall. Wall Nut says that he is his brother, and that he's crazy. NutWall also has a weird stare, and makes weird noises. People keep giving him crack when he asks for it, so that's why he is this way. Anyways, the second plant they choose is Kernel Pult. Meanwhile, NutWall's weird noises creep Fire Mario and Lego Mario out. Wall Nut says that it takes 5 hours for the effects of the crack to wear off. Fire Mario and Lego Mario decide to confront Mario, and his other partner, Mario 318. They ask the Eggbert team to watch Fire and Wall Nut in the meantime. Mario 318 seems to have a stutter problem. Mario explains to Mario 318 that after he sacrificed Luigi, Luigi ended up joining the Zombie Force due to being infected. Worst of all, Mario doesn't seem to care about the loss of Fire Mario's, Lego Mario's, and his brother, because after all, he says "it's just his brother." Mario 318 seems to agree, too, but then again, he's confused on stuff. Lego Mario calls Mario 318 a douchenozzle, so Mario 318 kicked him, but then Fire Mario punched Mario 318. Fire Mario and Mario then have another fight, and even worse, Mario refused to apologize, just saying "go f**k yourselves" and running away. Fire Mario then is about to tell Mario 318 what happened in the past with Luigi



  • Peach is, without a doubt, doomed.
  • This episode reveals that some of Crazy Dave's plants are residing in Zombicon, and they have a use.
  • Wolfman revealed that he is gay.
  • Apparently, the Tough Red Brothers want another million dollars.
  • Mario is seemingly revealed as a villain who cares about nothing but himself. This kind of villainy is also shown when he says "screw you, you little turd" to Crazy Dave in Crazy Past, claiming that he hates him since then.
  • The other people that were listening to Isabelle strangely are not present when it's time to select the plants.