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The creator of the series goes by the user Zack Max, alt (here). He's the one who edits and adds things to the series. He voice acts a few characters such as Roxx, Eggbert and Dan. He's designed most of the odd avatars in He somehow also managed to animate them in just using that editor too. He usually edits his videos on Filmora, but episodes are often delayed due to lag and breaks. He edits nearly everyday. He had a small meme called "Jigsaw Dancing", so he made Dancing Jigsaw a character too. He is in the mask of that character. He originally at first planned to end the series after the backrooms episode, but after being bored he decided to give it one more go making episode 4. However, making episode 5 was a piece of cake so he made that too. But after the creation of Aaron, he wanted to keep the series going. Zack Max also likes to bring old trends into the series like Groovy Banana or Weegee. His favorite ASMRtist is Jojo's ASMR, and so he had added it as a character. He was inspired to make characters from PrinceStickFigure. His series is very different from every other AGK maker, as his is based off more characters. There's episodes where AGK doesn't even appear. The series has to re-loop around. Almost every character knows each other too. He also loves the company Ttursas, which makes basic cool games. They made Perfect Balance. In honor of his childhood playing the games, he had added this game into the series. In a game called Perfect Balance 3, Gravity Block, Heavy Block, and Light Block origin there. The characters of the Freeman family were from a movie called "ClownHouse" and so Zack Max added them as characters.


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He also has other people working for his series. One such person is Big Butts27 27. He voice acts Stick Steve. He can't edit due to being stuck with a Chromebook. Then there's the user with no name at all (blank). He made Stevegee. He also said his hamburger line. He's done more than just this character though as he also helps with images in the series. Usually making them transparent. Update for Nov 1st, 2020, the series has many better crew members.

Subscribe To Me For No Reason is another cast member. However, what's odd about him is he likes Blippi. This gave Zack Max the idea to add him into the series. There's also old past drama with a group that won't be mentioned. He often likes to mock them for their terrible and disgraceful trolling and past crimes. It for some reason gave him the idea of Rodrick Parkinson. The third reason is, the series is to prove a point on editing skills. Long ago before Zack Max could edit, a user named Plexa had ranted on his content for being terrible. It was however liked by his fanbase. Plexa tried to send a raid at Zack Max sometimes. He also was sort of with the old drama people. Plexa was a commentary channel which would just upload terrible and not much edited "content". He considered it to be good. His channels been removed or private alot. Zack Max content wasn't great at the start, but it still looked an average ok. It had some funny moments, where his fans wish they'd bring it back. Once Filmora came to Zack Max attention, he became a high and better editor than Plexa and won the battle. I know I sound cocky but whatever...


Zack Max was inspired to make this a thing after reading alot on Weegeepedia. There were many Weegee clones so as a result he made Dan clones. Weegee is mainly known as a villain in the fads. However, Zack Max changed it a bit. Instead Error Weegee is the villain.


In some AGK series, Tailsko dates AGK. In the beginning of 2020 however, Zack Max started to grow hatred for types of furries. So, he didn't allow it to happen with them dating. There's also a few MLP characters in AGK series, but Zack Max will never add them. The main reason for hating bronies, is due to a user named Jack Mar which would always bother Zack Max and get away with stuff. He often bullies bronies because he finds them outright disgusting. This all explains why the furry characters that were added are not put into much use.


He is also a character. He is a creator of a Simulation. He seems to watch over it. He has caught people leaving it sometimes, so he makes sure they can't another time. He also has this weird form where he turns into some weird ball. It's used to keep his identity safe. He used this form for example to go after Giganeegee. There are times he acknowledges he exists, and he knows they exist. One time he caught some zombies trying to plan something.

In The Walking Dead of Life, he sometimes reacts and engages with people. He one time communicated with zombies. Another time he broke the fourth wall when Crazy Dave and Shell Mario were wondering what was behind the camera. In Season 0, he aired his ASMR on Stanley Jones's computer, asking him what he is looking at.

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