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You're Late Dude is the third episode of Season 1 of The Walking Dead of Life. Chronologically, this episode introduces Toad in the Franchise, and Blue Toad as well.


Fire Mario and Lego Mario go to Crazy Dave's house, and prepare for Zombicon.


(#1) Zombie Threat

In the Dump House, Crazy Dave is sleeping. However, he was having a nightmare. He floated in a place with a Toad background, and with raining Red Toads. Weird music was also playing. Then, he wakes up, and ends up meeting Red Toad, or just Toad. Blue Toad walked with him. Crazy Dave gets really annoyed about their sudden appearance. He wants them to not be annoying as usual, because there are zombies blocking the house. In a few hours, they will try to kill him, but if there's too much noise, then they will kill him sooner. Blue Toad then suddenly reveals that he had intercourse last night. He lost his virginity, but he doesn't tell who, and calls Crazy Dave a virgin. The two Toads try to leave the house, but they see the zombies and return back. Crazy Dave wonders what's taking the Zombie Slashers so long. The Toads once again refuse to leave, and suddenly ask Crazy Dave what he was dreaming out. Crazy Dave says that he was dreaming about the Red Toads. Blue Toad was disappointed that it wasn't his color in the dream.

Crazy Dave, getting confronted by the Zombie Force.

Outside the Dump House, there are five zombies of the Zombie Force, and they had enough. They are ready to raid the house if Crazy Dave doesn't willingly give them his brains. It seems that Crazy Dave's only options are to run away like a little girl, or give up his brain. When Poison Zombie calls his team "f****ts", Crazy Dave says that's ironic. Poison Zombie asks him what he means by that. Crazy Dave was trying to buy some time, and it works! Fire Mario's car runs all the zombies over, defeating them for now. Fire Mario and Lego Mario get out of the car. They recognize Hike Zombie on the floor. He was sent by Bright Yeti, too, shortly after the McDonald's incident. They stomp Hike Zombie for a bit. Crazy Dave says that it's a nice car. However, it has problems. For example, it took a little while for the brakes to stop the car.

(#2) What to Do

Waluigi, meeting Crazy Dave again.

Crazy Dave, Lego Mario, and Fire Mario decide to go to the Dump House. However, Fire Mario got especially angry at the sight of Toad and Blue Toad, even threatening to kill them. Lego Mario is not too pleased, either. Anyways, Crazy Dave says that Fire Mario and Lego Mario will both be guarding the house over the day and night. Crazy Dave will make a fire, and they can sleep over in an area, bunking with all the rest. But then, the doorbell rings again. It turns out to be Waluigi. While trying to get in, he runs over Lego Mario, and after calling Waluigi a f****t, Waluigi punches him. Apparently, Waluigis hate Marios and Marios hate Toads. Waluigi hates Toads, too. Anyways, Waluigi mentions that he participated in Magicon, as a magician. He learned magic, and now he can tell people their future. He's not gonna tell Crazy Dave his future because Crazy Dave already knows his will be depressing, so he offers to do it to the Toads. He hears that Blue Toad lost his virginity, and when Waluigi says congratulations, Blue Toad gives thanks and wants a hug. Waluigi hugs him.

Waluigi decides to tell Blue Toad his future, and so he comes with him elsewhere, presumably to Magicon. Fire Mario wonders if this is just a plot to do away with the Toads. Lego Mario wonders what's wrong with his head, calling him "buddy." Fire Mario asks what he just said, and so Lego Mario clarifies that he said "buddy." His "bud," but then he says he's an A-hole. Fire Mario hears that, and they bump into each other. Crazy Dave then says to stop arguing, and start a fire because nightfall is approaching. That's when Fire Mario decides to tell him the news, but not before punching Lego Mario away. He says that they got invited to Zombicon, which is the aforementioned "Zombie Team" that the Geralds mentioned earlier. Turns out that it is another one of those, as Crazy Dave said. That's why they need to work on the car tonight, and fix it, so that they can go. Also, Fire Mario says that he has a friend named Fire, who is in the trunk, so there's no need for Toad to start the fire.

(#3) Car Repair

Crazy Dave and Fire Mario go outside to fix the car. Crazy Dave wonders where Lego Mario is, but Fire Mario says that he's beating up Toad. The reason why Crazy Dave doesn't hear anything is that he's using a silencer. Anyways, a screw popped out of one of the tires, and they got it out. Next, Fire Mario decides to get Fire out of the trunk. Unfortunately, Fire ran away. He was trapped in the trunk, so he wanted out, which was Fire Mario's mistake. After that, they tried to figure out what to do with the screw. Fire Mario suggested that it should be shoved up Crazy Dave's ass. Crazy Dave thought it was a joke, but Fire Mario was actually gonna do it. For real, though, Crazy Dave tests the car out. The car seemed to lag a bit. It was probably the screw that was in the tire. But then, Crazy Dave runs Fire Mario over. Fire Mario gets angry and punches the car several times. After an argument, he stops doing it. Fire Mario then tells him to park the car in its original position, getting impatient because of the car lagging. After that big failure, they wonder what to do next.

Crazy Dave and Fire Mario, trying to repair the car.

Crazy Dave then has the idea to get a tool out of the Dump House's garage, which is a thin metal string with two ends. They wonder what to do with it. Fire Mario suggests that it should be shoved up the car's ass. For real, though, the tire may be loose, and it needs to be adjusted. After it gets adjusted, they attempt to put the screw back in, but it won't fit, so Crazy Dave offers to keep the screw. He puts both the metal thing and the screw in the house. Fire Mario then decides that Crazy Dave should test the car again, and warns Crazy Dave not to run him over again. The car gets tested, and it can drive fast again. However, Crazy Dave accidentally bumps Fire Mario over with the car. He gets angry again and punches the car, blocking Crazy Dave's windshield. However, he quickly calms down after Crazy Dave asserts that it was an accident. The two decide to go back to the house now that the car's fixed.

(#4) We're All Prepared

Fire Mario, talking to Toad.

Lego Mario has been continuously beating up Toad. Fire Mario comes in and stops him, punching him in the process. Even though they hate Toad, they probably should've stopped Lego Mario from doing it earlier. He could've killed him, after all. Crazy Dave and Fire Mario then argue about who could put the thin metal thing in the garage, with Crazy Dave having to do it in the end. Toad asks Fire Mario how he could repay him. Fire Mario tells him to not be annoying, and Toad agrees with this. To prove he's serious about this, he suddenly goes silent. Meanwhile, Lego Mario gets angry that he was stopped. Fire Mario told him that he was going too far, and that Toad could be of use, even as a sacrifice against zombies. Then, the doorbell rang. It was Waluigi. He gave Blue Toad back to them, because he was driving him nuts. Blue Toad claims that Waluigi touched his butt, and Lego Mario has a run-in with the screw. He gets informed that the car works now, and that the screw was messing with the car. They all decide that it's time to go to bed…



  • Crazy Dave seemed to have a nightmare about being in the Toadeverse. The Toadeverse is something that's inside Toad's head. Since Red Toad appears later, it's plausible that he may or may not have given Crazy Dave the dream. It could've been a sign that he's appearing.
  • Fire Mario and Lego Mario argued a lot during this episode. Even Fire Mario and Crazy Dave argued as well.
  • The reason why the screw doesn't fit in the car itself is probably because Ronald McDonald was the one who messed with the car in the first place, so the screw probably came from him.