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He is a robotic bird. He's good friends with Dan & Stick Steve. He wanted to escape the Trifixnityverse to get back to his friends. His arm was chopped by a lost battle against Gavin. He was supposed to die but survived. He also cut off his tail and one eye out. He's seen alot of people, and he studied them. He saw Gavin attack the Illuminati's crew. He nearly killed himself, but a Gravity Block saved him. It also took him back to his home. He is very old. He's over the age 100. His teleportation has an unknown limit. It was figured out when he couldn't get to the Trifixnityverse to the Mushroomverse. He also can make his legs long or short, basically any length, and his real voice still exists but it seems he prefers the robot one. One power he can do is stop things from moving, and even freeze them in midair. He did it with a rock that Mordecai threw at him.


Due to being on the news from Капитан Альбер, and attacked by fans of Savanna, alot of people now hate him. Even at one point, his friends could have turned on him. AGK took it literal the most. He explained his story and why he killed Hector. Roxx was hired to kill him. Every attack Roxx tried, failed. Xinny blasted a laser out of his mouth, and reversed an explosion of fire onto him. Roxx was burned.


Front Sprite

Alot of his friends didn't betray him after this cancel situation. Weegee didn't even care the most, he just hired him up for the tournament and battle. He had to verse Iceegee & Sungee II. He beat Iceegee with the laser out of his mouth. To get him off the battlefield, he used his toes to grab and slip him off. He failed to defeat Sungee II.