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Whispering Squash is too OP as it is. He was already OP before but it seems it had boosted over the thousands of years. If a villain bothers him, he turns into a squash and crushes them. He is used to do that or put people to sleep. He lives with Dan. To prove how op the character really is, imagine him self only doubling more and more. Yup, he can duplicate himself infinitely. Want more evidence? Weegee in main form was not able to eliminate Lebron James in 2nd form. However in a second, Whispering Squash killed Lebron James in 3rd form. You don't wanna mess with this character, he'll end you before you know it.

He is allergic to Chill Mushrooms. He ended up having one. So he struggled to sleep. Malleo got to work on helping him. After being so powerful, Crazy Dave got scared and sold him to Dan. He is able to enter Eggbert's reality. Eggbert calls him his "squash friend" or his "squashy".