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He is best friends with AGK, Meegee, Dan, and Booette. He is a big help for AGK, as he is a mortal unstoppable god. He can use his Weegee powers on nearly any enemy. Seems he has alot of secrets in the series. And also owned an Xbox which he gave to Francis. Weegee is able to spread a virus. Meaning, he can turn anyone into a Weegee too. When Weegee gives people the virus, he has the option for them to explode or not. He's done it on both Walleo and Waweegee. The virus gives people a Weegee head. Next, they turn into Weegee or become a clone of him. Also in his main form, he can only teleport within 1,000 miles. He is also married.

He also really cares for Aaron. He made sure, AGK, Leonard, and Dan wouldn't kill him. He also keeps an eye on Aaron to make sure he isn't harmed. In the past, Aaron survived from Opmin's execution, and fell into a trash can. He found him and adopted him. He has Luigi's voice.

When he first met Dan, he said "Imma Luigi Number 1". Dan then just face palmed. AGK then jumped out the window, and by accident crushed Weegee. As he came back around to AGK, Leonard, and Dan, Dan said "oh not you again". He also looks out for Ashley, and takes her home everytime.

He couldn't battle with TGWMHH. This was his second time failing a battle in the series. This was mainly due to spit being in his eyes caused by Sparta. He had confidence of fighting TGWMHH, and even saying "come at me hobo"!

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Weegee's Video

Mario Liked It, Disco Zombie Disliked It.

Weegee Has Tons Of Forms

First Appearence On AGK Adventures

He first appeared in episode 2, on a weird video AGK was watching. There are actually 3 of himself, and they rocked to "What is Love?". In general though it's not his first appearance. He actually had huge character developement. He used to be a crazy coco person just like Aaron. He let Mr Krabs give him crack. He tried to troll Tailsko. As things got more serious however, he started to dramatically change quickly. It first started when he found out Spongebob murdered people.

He one time asked Morshu for an N word pass. He one time threatened to say the N word if Stick Steve didn't help him. Oddest part is for awhile it was on and off of him being coco. But it eventually ended without an answer. He got used to being normal.


Head Weegee

Red Weegee


Snapshot 526.png

He used to look very different. You can actually see its face is much more pail. He lifts up his one leg, and moves his arms slightly forward to the direction. The nipples, well they're gone. This was due to green screening. So it looks like 2 holes in his body. This started in AGK Adventures season 1 episode 6, and ended in season 1 episode 10.

Mega Weegee2.png

← This was the aftermath of Dark Mario burning him.

The second aftermath after being burnt to a crisp. He is in bandages, and can't close his eyes.

Dark Mario did leave a bad legacy onto Weegee. To the point Ashley found out he doesn't have much time left to live. Malleo luckily knew someone who could help since the 1-ups are now becoming rare.

AGK's First Appearance

Leopold Rock.png

Weegee was randomly shopping at the mall when suddenly odd things started to occur. Skodwarde went to shoot down the place. It went into a simple fight but it seems Weegee was the first to damage and put up a fight with him. However aftermath shows it was quite brutal, and the mall was destroyed. Behind Weegee was a rock that looked like AGK. This means Weegee was meant to meet AGK eventually.

Weegee knew Ashley and Leonidas were friends. It seemed later, he discovered the rock, and when he met AGK for the first time, he was confused. He lifted up the rock and noticed the resemblance.

Buff Weegee

Buff Weegee.png

After making a deal with Kelljeller, he begins to train. He becomes extremely buff to prepare himself for the battle. A contract was made for signatures. It states if Weegee loses, Fortran will go to hell for a week, and Kelljeller takes Fortran's job. Malleo is scared and believes this is a bad idea, but Weegee wants to destroy Kelljeller.