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He has a character trait of Walleo. He is very dumb, and not all there. He is in Eggbert's reality. He likes to bother Luigi. He tells him he has a big nose. He woke up Luigi by yelling. The reason was because he was bored.

Mistakes Happen

He was very bored, that he ate a Super Mushroom. This mushroom however, acted like a Drug Mushroom. He first felt like he was falling. Then he came across Illuminati. Wario had no idea who he was. Since he's very dumb, he said he was his biggest fan. He then said the worship password was "UrMumGae69". It turned out to be right, but Illuminati didn't welcome him. Wario then called him a tubby, and this is when things went downhill. The lights first went out. All there was, is black and gray color. He started to get scared, and he told Illuminati he won. Except, Illuminati didn't stop. Illuminati sent him before time, aka The Big Bang.


He had to think of solutions right away. The first odd thing is, Wario saw Luigi as Weegee. This is when Wario had to use his brain. He tried to figure out how to defeat the Illuminati. He realized he can do anything possible, and even imagine things to real life. He tested it by imagining 6 Weegees. Sadly, Illuminati controls the before time. Wario imagined him being gone, and it failed. Out of nowhere, Eggbert was thrown across the room, and Wario could hear him. This helped him figure out how to snap back into reality.

WTF Fact: He used to be 600 pounds. This got him on "My 600 Pound Life". He went viral and earned a million dollars. He used that million dollars to make him a little less fat.


He is addicted to crack sometimes. It really doesn't change his way of acting. FiggedRodger got annoyed with him, so he sent him to AGK's reality. He first landed near Noah. He bothered AGK, begging for crack and saying whatever. He also met his brother Waluigi, only to be insulted that he stinks really bad. He nearly killed Mario. He was sitting on a couch, farting. Then the couch fell through 2 ceilings, and crushed Mario. Somehow Mario survived. When he farts, he sometimes floats away.