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Similar to Waweegee (brother). No that's it, he does the same thing. The only main difference is Walleo is stupid and will fall for anything. Never call him fat by the way. To prove he's stupid, when Dan said he didn't want trouble, he thought Dan was insulting his weight. Usually when he got the Weegee virus, his head was huge.

He was able to make Lebron James break his limit to his third and final form. He was killed by Lebron James. He was brought back by Zomboss, and he battled quickly with Lego Mario. He sent an attack that follows Lego Mario. However Lego Mario cheated the system, and he sent it right back at Walleo. He was punished in Hell by Eyereez.

Dead & Alive?

When Mario went to search for whatever, he showed up with just his head. He said "you want fun? Walleo show you fun". He chased after him. Waluigi threw a Bomb Omb to kill him once again. The last thing to happen was a giant Walleo flashing behind them.