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He is Roxx's friend. He healed him with a 1-up. He is also a rule breaker and bully to Andy. He would've killed Andy if he didn't have some money. He also punched Andy for bringing a witness. He wanted a free drink from George's store, and Капитан Альбер had to step in and take him out.

He tried to kill Капитан Альбер with a Electric Ball. It hit Капитан Альбер's legs and he went flying. But his head punched Vomeo right back. Roxx made some tasks for him. He had to get Ian to attack Luigi.

The Red eyes are a bit odd. You'd expect Eyereez to be involved in this, but he's not. The red eyes were caused by Gavin. Gavin damaged his eyes, and tried to cut them out. The eyes never healed right.

True Colors

He hid his identity at school of being apart of the Illuminati Team. He had a friend named Lucas, who he kept secrets from and later betrayed. Lucas's father Alan worked at the school, and Vomeo and Layla planned a tactic to have him dead. After Lucas failed to catch Vomeo, Alan was slammed and impaled into a spike and then stabbed in the eye and left to die.

The reason he was specifically killed is because Vomeo wanted to be equal with Lucas. He next wanted Lucas to join him, but Lucas refused, so Roxx knocked him out, and they left Lucas behind.