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Mario Fire Mario Fortran
Malleo Meegee Walleo
Mario 318 Mini Wario Spigi
Lego Mario Error Malleo Wario
Negative Mario Commadre Madio Mario Head
Dark Mario Amiibo Mario Paper Mario

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There's 2 types of Marios. There's Marios & Malleos. The Marios are Fire Mario, Lego Mario, and Super Mario. The Malleos are Meegee, Error Malleo, and Malleo. Error Malleo is the only villain. He started a new set of family called the "Fakans". What's odd about every Mario is they are all not family together 100%, only a bit. Only Fire Mario and Lego Mario are brothers. Meegee looks like a combinaton of Malleo & Weegee. Malleos and Marios never really meet. Most of these people come from the Trolliverse, but Lego Mario and Fire Mario seem to have been born in the Mushroomverse. It also seems Marios are often bullied by Angry Sun. Marios & Malleos are known for red color and letter M. Fortran looks sort of like a Malleo and Mario. To be surprised, it fits both types. It also has the color red on it. The only difference is his cap doesn't have an M on it. It instead has an F.

The final one was hard to mark, but it is a Malleo. Unlike any Malleo, it wants nothing to do with being one. However it ended up being one. Walleo has an upside down M, which is basically a W. Red is a dark color, and yellow is a light one. Walleo has color yellow. Really, Walleo just is trying to be the opposite of its kind. Wario is sort of the same thing as Walleo, except he's a Mario.