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This is one chaotic universe in Multiverse 2. A large part of this universe is the United Gees Galaxy, which is where Weegee was born at. This universe is a cluster. Waluigi also used to live there but left because of how toxic it was. The Angry Sun followed Waluigi, but he took 5 years to reach the Mushroomverse. Alot of people leave this universe. After Weegee left, chaos got worse. There's also tournaments. The first was 60,000 years ago. Kelljeller had confirmed the tournament was him winning against Fortran. A leader gets 100 years before a new one comes in.

End of Slavery

Like every universe, people can vote, and a leader can decide on slavery. However, unlike any other universe that has this, the Trolliverse no longer does. This means, even new leaders can't decide for slavery to exist on the universe anymore. Illumiweegee challenged the racists who voted for slavery to a war. A big fight against the KKK Members occured, and they lost, ending slavery.


This was the second ever tournament in this universe. It was ran by Moar Krabs for money. Redder Toad was the announcer. There were 2 teams, Meegee's and Weegee's. Meegee had Demi-Gods on his side. There was also 3 rounds. Sungee II was the last member for Meegee's team, and AGK was the last for Weegee's team. AGK won against Sungee II, making Weegee's team also win.