Tough Red Brothers

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You can't tell them apart

They were known to be jerks, that were gonna end up living with Crazy Dave. They were there first on the Dump House, Waluigi had bought. One brother rates things on Yelp, other rates things on Tinder. The Dump House was given 5 stars, so Crazy Dave thought they rated the house 5 stars. The one who rates things on Tinder only uses it to get laid, and doesn't care if he finds someone ugly. He will literally rate their attraction. They also didn't pay for the Dump House. One of them even strips to get money. Oddly they actually collected to 50 million dollars, so they were already getting ready to leave. They left Crazy Dave behind, and told him he was an old man. It also confirmed they at one point tried to burn down the Dump House, but Fire Mario stopped them. Now they continue to bully Fire Mario, and even stole Fire at one point.

Eventually one of them died due to zombies. His 2 plants were also gone. He wanted to take his anger out on Crazy Dave so he kept punching the house. He fought with Lego Mario, Fire Mario, Disco Zombie, and Mario over this. One great punch from Fire Mario killed him, and that was the end of these 2 characters.

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