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The Meeting is the fifth episode of Season 1 of The Walking Dead of Life. This is the start of the Zombicon arc.


Fire Mario and Lego Mario get initiated into Zombicon.


(#1) A Visit from the Geralds

The Geralds, outside the Dump House.

The episode starts with Waluigi doing a magic trick on Blue Toad somewhere. Waluigi is trying to get Blue Toad to be brave against zombies, so he forces a zombie to come to the area. The magic trick is hypnotizing. Blue Toad is scared, but he doesn't run, per Waluigi's orders. Blue Toad repeats something after Waluigi, and it works. Even better, the spell said that he will always be brave against zombies. Blue Toad threw the zombie away. Waluigi then takes him home in his van. Meanwhile, Gerald 1 is ringing the doorbell of the Dump House. He gets impatient, and does it several times. Gerald 3 is near him, with his car. Then, Gerald 5 and Gerald 2 arrive in their car. It turns out that he thought ringing the doorbell will cause the door to open, which Gerald 5 debunks. Gerald 1 could've asked for the key. It also turns out that they apparently can only go to the Dump House once per day. Gerald 5 asks Gerald 1 why the rule is set in place. Once, someone complained about Crazy Dave so much every minute just to bother the crap out of him, so he made that policy. They question the policy, because that same person could just come only once and bother him then. Blue Toad then gets thrown to the front of the house. Gerald 5 asks if he lives here, and Blue Toad said "sort of." Blue Toad then asks Waluigi why he threw him, but Waluigi dodges the question by addressing the Geralds. They say they are from Zombicon, and Waluigi has heard of that.

Gerald 1, meeting Blue.

Waluigi decides to help the Geralds by getting the people required out of the Dump House, and Blue Toad comes in, too. Fire Mario gets informed that the people from Zombicon are here, and he wakes up Lego Mario. Lego Mario accuses him of trying to kill him in his sleep again. Fire Mario then wakes Crazy Dave up, and then the three all go out to meet the Geralds. Waluigi stays in the Dump House, and lays on the blankets. He calls for the two Toads to sit on his lap for some reason. Outside, Fire Mario asks Gerald 1 how the Geralds found them. Gerald 1 was asking Blue and some guy named Wolfman where Fire Mario and Lego Mario live. Blue then gave him the exact apartment number of the Dump House. With that, Gerald 1 asks Fire Mario and Lego Mario if they have a car. They say yes, although Lego Mario complains that it runs like crap sometimes, prompting a punch from Fire Mario for not shutting up. Gerald 1 then says that they need to meet a guy named Commender, who is the leader. He also says they don't need to bring their car with them yet. Fire Mario and Lego Mario end up riding in each of the Geralds' cars. Fun fact, they are not allowed to sit in the front passenger seat next to the driver's seat, as two Geralds each occupy the driver's seat and front passenger seat when they drive.

(#2) The Test

The Test.

Crazy Dave is disappointed that they forgot to say goodbye, but then he heads in. He notices Waluigi. Then, it cuts to the meeting place. The two Geralds cars bump into each other for no reason, eventually crashing into each other. They exclaim that Gerald 1's car has won again, implying that it's a game. They didn't care about Fire Mario and Lego Mario's well-being. Anyways, there is a chair. Gerald 3 says that Fire Mario and Lego Mario can climb up there, since they are related to Mario. They are not allowed to use the Geralds as jumping boosts. The toppled-over car then gets stacked to the other for a boost instead. After a few tries, Fire Mario still failed. It turns out that the Geralds can just float up each stage, which sucks even more for the two of them. Gerald 1 complains that there's a leftover bandaid up here. Gerald 3 soon follows him, and so does Gerald 5 and 2. The Geralds say that as zombie fighters, they need to figure out ways to get up here, to prove their worth. They can float because they are professionals. Still using the cars, Fire Mario and Lego Mario eventually get up to the first stage. However, there's a second stage. Fire Mario then says "please kill me already," and one of the Geralds oddly almost took it seriously. Anyways, the Geralds fly up to the second stage as well.

The Spiral.

Fire Mario then notices the bandaid that grossed the Geralds out. Maybe someone hurt themselves once, so a bandaid was offered. Also, Fire Mario and Lego Mario notices that they can barely jump, upping the difficulty. However, they figure out that they can just do wallkicks off the metal things. But then, there's the third stage. A platform is above them. They can't fall, or else they will die. They figure out that they can just climb on the metal thing, and then go on the platform. They almost slipped and fell off due to the floor being slippery, but they succeeded. They then notice the strange red door, which costs 25 million dollars if they want to buy it. This Commender person is also behind this door. The Geralds then disappear through the door. Since the door is not opening, Fire Mario and Lego Mario both try to knock it. It then seems that the door is about to fall on them, and it does. They travel in a black and white spiral, and go through some trippy effects.

(#3) A Meeting with Commender

Bart Simpson, and Commender.

Bart Simpson says to Commender that they should be here in no time, and he asks Commender if he wants a drink, the answer being no. Commender asks Bart Simpson if he wants something, and he says he wants a sandwich. His dad hasn't been feeding him. Commender approves of the sandwich, but Bart Simpson will have to wait until the meeting ends for him to get out of here. Fire Mario and Lego Mario then appear. Commender says that the door can fall sometimes. He also welcomes them, but there are tests. The first test is to pull his shoes off, but Commender says to forget it, as it hurts when they pull on them. Fire Mario and Lego Mario get a D minus, but then Commender suddenly changes it to an E plus. Fire Mario and Lego Mario then dance because he said the letter E. Anyways, they both say they know how to fight zombies. Bart Simpson says that they will come here tomorrow. He introduces himself as Commender's backup. He also says that at the end of Zombicon, Commender will pick two winners, and there's a million dollar prize. Bart Simpson then asks again if he can have a sandwich, and Commender says as soon as they get out.

Fire Mario, talking to Bart Simpson.

Fire Mario and Lego Mario are delighted to hear about the million dollar prize, because they can give that to Crazy Dave. They accept the challenge, but Commender warns that it is a bit risky. Commender is sure that the Zombie Force knows about Zombicon. When it opens up, they'll be coming, and they'll be focusing on Zombicon more than everyone else on the outside. Commender says "adios," and then Fire Mario and Lego Mario suddenly fly away. Now that they're gone, Bart Simpson can go out and make his sandwich somewhere. Lego Mario and Fire Mario go out the red door which they came from. The red door is also back in its position. Bart Simpson then comes out of the door as well. Fire Mario says that maybe he knows. Bart Simpson suddenly reveals that he's hungry and that his dad's abusive. They both clarify that what they're asking about is how the door positioned itself back up. Bart Simpson then changes the subject by saying that his dad even chokes his neck. Fire Mario then says no, and that they don't really care. Bart Simpson then explains that if you wait and not look at it, the door fixes itself on its own. Bart Simpson then suddenly asks if Fire Mario and Lego Mario has any food or money they can give him, implying he does not have the materials to make the sandwich in the first place.

(#4) The Walking in Life

"No pain, no gain."

Lego Mario says that he has a penny. Fire Mario then notices that his voice sounds deeper. Lego Mario pulled his ballsack, and that does not feel well. Lego Mario then punches Bart Simpson away, because apparently they think he deserves nothing. Before they leave, Gerald 1 suddenly appears and asks them if they enjoyed their visit. Gerald 1 notices that Lego Mario's voice sounds different, too. Gerald 1 then pulls back Lego Mario's ballsack to make his voice go back to normal. Fire Mario asks Gerald 1 if he can drive them home, but Gerald 1 says no. They then figure out how to get down from there. They hurt themselves a bit from jumping down. Gerald 5 and 2 then arrive with their car, saying "no pain, no gain," and then they deny a ride home, too. Lego Mario is devoid of all injuries because he's made of Lego. Fire Mario then decides to ride on Lego Mario's back all the way to the Dump House.

Gerald 5 and 2, when Fire Mario and Lego Mario arrive.

At the Dump House, Lego Mario throws Fire Mario there because he's tired of carrying him. Also, Gerald 5 and 2 have arrived, too, with their car. They were seeing if they could actually walk back here. Gerald 2 then breaks the fourth wall by saying that after all, this series is called The Walking Dead of Life. After all, one thing they have to do in Zombicon is to walk a lot, and run sometimes. They also don't allow sacrifices, and one will be kicked out if one decides to sacrifice. Fire Mario and Lego Mario then go into the Dump House. Gerald 2 reveals that he is a vegan. However, he breaks the rules sometimes, as he's about to eat some chicken.

(#5) Meanwhile…

The Zombie Force.

Meanwhile, the Zombie Force is mad that they haven't gotten any brains yet. There's a football zombie, Diggy, another named Disco Zombie, Ronald McDonald, Bright Yeti, and Yeti, the original Yeti Zombie. However, there's good news. Zombicon is about to open. Also, Bright Yeti gets asked why he never actually eats the brains, when he's the only person to get close. Bright Yeti gets warned that if he doesn't start doing it, he's gonna get executed. Bright Yeti then gets smacked several times by Ronald McDonald. But then, Disco Zombie tells Ronald McDonald to let go of him. However, Ronald McDonald smacks Disco Zombie, too. He also smacks Diggy and Hike Zombie, plus the football zombie for asking what a football is. Despite this, Ronald McDonald faces no punishment. The normal Yeti then leaves to get the news from Cone Head



  • Gerald 2 must've survived whatever Ronald McDonald's attack was. He might've used his floating ability to get up somewhere.
  • The Dump House's exact apartment number is #8765812378780587601857942.
  • Anyone can break the fourth wall, because in the Real World, everyone's aware.
  • So far, Disco Zombie and Bright Yeti are shown to be resistant to evil. Bright Yeti, because he doesn't eat the brains when they're right there, and Disco Zombie, because he tried to tell Ronald McDonald to stop smacking Bright Yeti.