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He lives in the Trolliverse, but headed to the Mushroomverse. He likes to always move his head. He works for the Angry Sun. Malleo was the first to notice his return, and so he sent a raid after him. He got Weegee to help, and Weegee got Sparta to him. Weegee had turned him into a Weegee that moves his head. It confused Weegee so badly he gave up and fell to the ground. Weegee got him to quit working for Angry Sun. The reason he worked for Angry Sun was because, Angry Sun promised 60 quintillion Rubies. He was scammed. Malleo offered to take him back to the Trolliverse.

Crazy Is Fun

He can be a bit crazy like Aaron, except worse. He kept on punching people with his moving head. He punched Mario & Xavier up through a ceiling. He also punched Mario & Obunga away from the crew. We also learn he doesn't move his head to music. He just likes to always do it. When Pee Pee's music was turned off, he just kept rocking his head.