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Error Weegee teleporting to Luigi

This power is so common, that it was the first power in the series. It was first used by Error Weegee. It's a past power, that gets you to a location. Some people have limits on how far they can teleport. Some people can teleport to people. Some people use this power when they're lazy to walk. It's much better than a Warp Pipe. Mario had this power once, but his wasn't permanent.

Characters Able To Use It[]

Obunga Ian Moar Krabs Rodrick Waluigi Lebron James
Error Weegee Brianna Stevegee No Face Negative Mario IFML
Jojo Meegee Icecream Man Arthur.exe Cone Head Yeti
Booette Illumiweegee Guiyii Weegee Geemina Demon
Malleo Fortran Scan Angry Sun Ronald McDonald Roxx
Marvio Light Leopold YandereDev Negative Luigi Dark Mario Xinny
Boo Vomeo Man Aaron Sonic.exe Grim Reaper
Walleo Lucy Mario Head Waweegee Fegelein Whispering Squash
Xavier MoonMan Rachel Ivy Sparta Scarlett
Noah Windgee Sungee II Giganeegee Coldgee Nathan
AGK.exe El Diablo Gavin Davis

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