He was sent by Professer E Gadd to help Mario and Luigi on a mission. The mission was to enter Pipe Maze. He found a pipe and no clipped through it, and the others copied. But whoops, they entered the Backrooms. Luckily he is able to detect things and where people are stuff like that. So he knew the way out, but things got distracted. He also can turn into a floating floor, and he did to reach past infinity.

It can also be used for fighting. He used it to wham Roggh eyes, and damage Icecream Man's finger. He even used it to punch Icecream Man in the gut. He isn't a strong character at this time, but he does have a sweet advantage. He was already insanely fast but he got an upgrade making it even faster than ever. This made him able to attack Tthulhu and send him flying across a room. He seems to also know basically everything, and it's rare he is stunned by something he didn't know.

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