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He is a stick figure. He is friends with mainly Dan. He doesn't like Andy. He really doesn't like Andy, that he didn't care that some one was gonna do things to him. Weegee was willing to say the n-word to change his mind. He had a mature battle with Obunga and won (kind of). Obunga even threw an onion at him. He luckily saw Dan being abducted in episode 14, so he told Malleo.

He is very addicted to Big Macs. The first time he ate one, he told Dan about it. He asked Dancing Jigsaw if he ever eaten one. Dancing Jigsaw even asked why he's so crazy about them. When Obunga came back, Stick Steve let Dancing Jigsaw fight for him. He also works at GameStop. He sold a Wii U to AGK. He is a big fan of Jesse.

He is voice acted by: Big Butts27 27

His Halloween Costume. (He's taller & skinnier). It's a cosplay of Slenderman.


In the tournament he had to fight Raingee & Windgee. He was the first to take out someone, which was Raingee. It helped Xinny in the process. He nearly blasted away Windgee thanks to the help with Scan. A theory suggests he wasn't knocked out in the tournament, and also won along with AGK. This is because of how strong his blasts were, and the simple fact that Windgee's small blast only seemed to make him trip. The blast from Windgee was weak.