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"Steegee wants Hamburger"

This is a powerful type of Weegee/Demi-God/Fakegee. He is obsessed with hamburgers. He has a sort of Aaron crazy-head personality. He really wants hamburgers or he gets angry, and he turns upside down. He sometimes doesn't know what a hamburger is, so Squidward just served him a Krabby Patty at the Krusty Krab. Mr Krabs had high hopes for some money, but Stevegee didn't pay.

Note: He is nicknamed Steegee

He also scared Leonidas 2 times. The first time sent him running, but the second sent Leonidas punching him out the window.


He was on Meegee's side in Meegee's Tournament. He went against AGK & Sparta. All he could really do is use bomb burgers. He successfully did it on Sparta, and nearly AGK. AGK took him out.

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