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Staphy is a robot clown that lives in Simulation 3.0. He holds an ax to kill people with. He even scared Skodwarde with his powers. Luigi got triggered and mad that he had to fear him, which then he fired up and attacked him. It made his arm fall off. Skodwarde teleported back to them all and shoved the arm into his skull. However, he still had the ability to move his arm, and the arm went and socked Skodwarde. Mario wanted to finish him off, so he landed a few more hits until one pushed him through a window. He died but had a tape that played a message.

"Hello there. If you are hearing this, you successfully killed me. However, I am just helping a legacy. There's more."

The legacy is Illuminati. Stuffwell figured it out by looking at his mouth being a triangle, and the fact below both his eyes are 3 lines.