Standing Sun

Snapshot 525.png

This is the third form of the Angry Sun. He was able to now walk, and shoot out lasers from his hands and torso. He attacked many people in hopes of Mario and Waluigi showing up. He blasted away Rodney and Groovy Banana. He had problems with Obunga so he blasted away George and Obunga. He lit Mario on fire, and punched him through a building. He saved AGK from Roxx, and Jake from prison. However, this was by accident. The black spots disappear when objects touch him. They also explode. Osama Bin Weegee, AGK, and Waluigi teamed up to put an end to this. Weegee planned to take him down, but Angry Sun, tricked him at his own game and exploding him. It ripped his arm off while at it.

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