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He is a pretty chill guy when near friends, and he cares about people. He ended up winning 1 billion dollars in the lottery, and gave half to Brianna because of her depression. He also doesn't like Roxx and loves to make him angry. He stopped the Sun Ball, that Roxx was gonna use with just a Plasma Ball. He is a secret slave to Spongebob, and he hates it. He's the only caring worker at the Krusty Krab.


He first appeared in the Backrooms for AGK Adventures. It's unknown if he was there, but he kept running forward and disappearing over and over. It was most likely a illusion. He also appeared when AGK and Dan were on mushrooms. He appeared along with Morshu. He did the same illusion as in the Backrooms.

This is a load of Barnacles

Unlike everyone else at the Krusty Krab, he loves to work. Illumiweegee during the Trolliverse war, said he was paying everyone who doesn't work 100 dollars. But Squidward, chose to work. He also was gonna go into the war, and he bragged to Moar Krabs he'd make more money than him. The thing about Squidward though is he has limits when it comes to work. He does not like that Spongebob is there, and the fact sometimes he works for a night shift.


His past is sort of evil. He worked at McDonald's as a job along with Mr Krabs. Although Ronald McDonald was an evil man, he didn't seem to care that much. He worked as a cash register, and served the food as well. Lego Mario noticed his nose gotten bigger, and it was cause of him taking pills. Oddly everybody wants to suck it. Squidward lied about Big Macs saying they make you unfat and they are healthy. Later on Squidward witnesses Ronald McDonald doing a crime, he tells him it wasn't right but that's it. Squidward just runs away afterwards.