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He is also known as "King Leonidas". He is a bit crazy. Weegee had chilled with him, and he kept yelling "THIS IS SPARTA". Each time he said it, he'd spit in Weegee's eyes. This affected Weegee's battle with TGWMHH, so Sparta took his place. He used a sword to turn TGWMHH from a Weegee back to normal. While being trollish and dumb, he isn't stupid. He believed Weegee losing in the Trolliverse tournament of Weegee vs Kelljeller would spark Universal War 2.


In a Trolliverse tournament, he had to fight Stevegee. He used his sword to make his arms helpless. Then he yelled his phrase, and it blew away Stevegee. Stevegee still won by throwing back a bomb burger.


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His Rage Face