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Sorry Ronald is the fourth episode of Season 1 of The Walking Dead of Life. This episode is a continuation of the one before, and is the final one before the Zombicon arc officially begins.


Fire Mario must go check back at McDonalds Restaurant.


(#1) Not So Peaceful Night

A normal night?

At night, Fire Mario asks Crazy Dave how they will sleep. The carpet is a little too hard to sleep on. Apparently, they can't go upstairs to sleep because as a child, Fire Mario got violated by a bear one time. The bear gave him a hug and took him into a cave. Anyways, they just take the blankets downstairs. Crazy Dave tucks Fire Mario and Lego Mario in together, with Blue Toad teasing them. Speaking of the Toads, Crazy Dave says they can sleep on the blocks, but they refuse. Toad decides to sleep on the blanket, although not without Lego Mario complaining. Fire Mario says that he needs a pillow, and asks for one Jenga Block. However, Crazy Dave says that the Jenga Blocks can move if they want to, which Fire Mario got surprised by. Then, one of the other Jenga Blocks stood up and confirmed it, scaring Toad. Toad runs out of the house, with Blue Toad running after him. The Jenga Block once again says that it's alive, and lays back down. This fact makes Fire Mario a bit nervous. This also confirms that Crazy Dave was never alone in the Dump House. They kinda keep him sane. With that, Crazy Dave decides to get the Toads back in the house, though they're still scared.

Fire Mario then asks Lego Mario if he ever wondered if everyone is just living in a Simulation. Lego Mario says yes. However, Fire Mario was joking. Lego Mario says that the zombies seem to just drop on the ground. Then, Fire Mario wonders where Crazy Dave is. This reminds him to get the other blanket out of the garage. Though, he realizes that it's in the trunk of his car instead. But then, he faintly hears a zombie. The zombie goes near him, but Fire Mario pushes him back. His worry for Crazy Dave increased, as he should have been back with the Toads by now. He quickly gets the blanket and goes back to the Dump House. He comes back to see that the bed area is messed up. He then asks the Jenga Block if it can be eaten by zombies, and it said yes. The scary part is that they have actual brains, too. The two then talk about the zombie that was spotted around the place, and how they're worried about Crazy Dave. Lego Mario got informed of this, too, and so Fire Mario, Lego Mario, and the Jenga Block decide to all go on an adventure to find Crazy Dave.

(#2) Familiar Threat

Crazy Dave, stuck.

Crazy Dave, Toad, and Blue Toad were stuck on a little disk contraption. Two zombies are near them, and one of them is Hike Zombie. They are very angry, and Crazy Dave is about to face a punishment. It's called the Dizzy Brain, and it's about them spinning around in the disk. "The dizzier, the tastier." But then, they got saved just in time, and the zombies got defeated. Crazy Dave and Toad go back. Although Blue Toad almost got left behind, he goes back. However, Hike Zombie got up as well. Back in the house, Fire Mario and Lego Mario argue over who brought the blanket in. Fire Mario punches Lego Mario, because he was trying to take credit for what Fire Mario did. Then, they decide to go to bed. Crazy Dave sleeps upstairs, using a Jenga Block as a pillow, and even thanking it. Before the rest can get ready to sleep, the doorbell rings multiple times. Apparently, there was no one there. Then, they hear a strange noise. It stopped after a bit. Crazy Dave decides to just go back to bed, but then they hear a familiar voice.

Fire Mario recognizes the voice. It's Ronald McDonald. Since Lego Mario and Crazy Dave become useless, Fire Mario decides to take Blue Toad on an adventure. Before they can, they hear the strange sound again. But then, Lego Mario suddenly asks for a bedtime song. Blue Toad then tries to sing, but it's horrible. Fire Mario and Blue Toad get out of the house instead to investigate. Fire Mario thinks that he needs to get back to McDonald's, and so they drive there. Meanwhile, Ronald McDonald has gone back to the restaurant. The zombies are disappointed that Ronald McDonald has not sealed the deal yet. Diggy tells him that if he doesn't get a zombie something to eat, Ronald McDonald will be eaten. Ronald McDonald then sees Fire Mario's car parked near his restaurant. It looks very familiar. He realizes that it may be those two morons he has seen. Ronald McDonald gets excited, because he finally has brains to capture.

(#3) Open 24/7

Ronald McDonald says creepily that no one can resist McDonalds Restaurant. "They always come back." Suddenly, the car backs up, hitting Diggy and Ronald McDonald. However, they flip the car over so it won't happen again. Ronald McDonald then hits the car repeatedly, yelling at them to get out of the car. However, it seems they already have. Fire Mario and Blue Toad hide in the restaurant, trying to be very quiet. Blue Toad is scared, and wants to go home. Fire Mario plans to defeat them. He then wonders why Squidward got hired, and how Mr Krabs disappeared. But then, Ronald McDonald hears the talking. Diggy then goes inside the restaurant, and Ronald McDonald, too. He asks Diggy if he heard them, and they both wonder where they could be. They wonder if there are ghosts. Changing the subject, Diggy says it's about time. Ronald McDonald either gives him brains now, or it's over. Diggy highly encourages him to stop thinking and start doing, or else he's next. Time is up. Diggy then tells the other zombies that he doesn't have the brains yet. They all agree that Ronald McDonald's brains should be eaten.

"There they are!"

But then, Ronald McDonald notices something behind the cashier. He says out loud, "there they are!" Fire Mario and Blue Toad start to run. They then get in the car. The zombies tell them to get out of the car now, and some even get run over a bit. In the midst of this mess, Ronald McDonald punches Diggy. He's done working for the zombies, and doesn't want his brains to be eaten. However, Diggy lunges and begins to eat him. The car then runs over both of them. Ronald McDonald died, but since he got infected by Diggy, Ronald McDonald is now technically a zombie. The car tries to leave, but is stopped by Ronald McDonald. He flips the car over with his brute strength, and tries to smash the car, telling them to get out of the car, saying that they will get the brains. Diggy welcomes Ronald McDonald to the team…

(#4) Back Home

But then, the car flips back over, stomping them. Fire Mario and Blue Toad quickly go back to the Dump House. They see that Crazy Dave, Lego Mario, and Toad are fast asleep. They decide to pull a prank on Crazy Dave by pulling the blanket out and making him fall to the first floor. When Crazy Dave wakes up, they said they don't have a blanket. Crazy Dave then goes back upstairs with his. They then use Lego Mario and Toad's blanket instead. Blue Toad is excited, because not only did he lose his virginity earlier, but he also got to go on a zombie adventure with Fire Mario. They all tried to go to sleep, but then they heard a strange noise and the doorbell. Turns out, it's just Waluigi. He says that his girlfriend is crazy, so he needs to get away for a little bit. She's a bit too crazy for him. He tries to ask Fire Mario for advice, but Blue Toad is the one who lost his virginity, so they try asking him about it. Waluigi then gets Blue Toad to come with him, but Blue Toad is afraid he's gonna touch his butt again. It turns out that the rumor was true.

Ronald McDonald, going up to Gerald 2.

Meanwhile, one of the Geralds is lying down somewhere. It's Gerald 2. Ronald McDonald comes to him and says hello, waking him up. He looks at him menacingly. He said, "I told you I'd find you!"