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He is perhaps one of the creepiest characters. He appeared in AGK's dream. He can make siren, alarm, and broadcast noises. He likes to walk around tree forests. He ended up finding AGK & Ronald. He started to chase after them. He disappeared after Sanic came along. He is a pretty giant/tall monster. He has 2 sirens on his neck. They count as the head. He is just a skeleton too. What's even odder is he can go through 2 skies at once like there's walls. Yes, he can warp through the sky. AGK believed it was a fake person, but it's actually real. No Face proved it.


He likes to dance. When the sun was setting, he danced in the town. Since this thing is AGK's biggest fear, he should have been scared of how tall he was. However it seems his fear has gone away. During AGK's dream, he came around to try to kill him. He smacked down a Warp Pipe, but it missed him. He was also shorter, and he threatened to eat him. AGK used the Super Star to kill him off. And he died for real, not just in the dream. His last words were "goodbye father". He said this because AGK is actually his father. How? He created him with his imagination. He was oddly brought back later. Just turns out, he was trying to make AGK overcome his fear. He even saved AGK from Negative Luigi.