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She is a demon that escaped Hell, thanks to her friend Ivy. Her bloody eyes were caused by Eyereez. She always stands by Ivy. She is also more chill than her. Ivy separated from her at one point, which caused problems for her. She felt unaccepted. Krebs had spotted her, and gave him the idea for a robot. Keitel and Krebs put her to sleep, and she woke up as a robot.


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She now has to help Hitler's crew. She has a box on her torso, which inside has a target list. She has to kill them, or make them obey Hitler. She is now doing Lebron James' work.


She was kind of a hypocrite and annoying when fighting Harry. She told him to stop fighting with objects cause it's just sad, but that was causing her problems. She also called him a tool, yet her whole point in life now is too help Hitler's army. Oddly after Harry died, Negative Mario claimed he was the killer.

Negative Mario became a target after crediting her kill as his. Her head was also fixed. Negative Mario did alot more damage, blasting off her legs. Negative Mario lost cause she still has the ability to use those legs.

She now went after Linkin Park. Mainly, she wanted to kill Casey. She first asked Morshu where he was. Morshu told her to ask Robert Loggia. Then she blasted away Morshu's hat. She then asked Robert Loggia, and she got it. Instead she killed Randy. She tried to go after George, but George wasn't playing around. At first it was thought she wanted his piece of chocolate. However when she destroyed the chocolate, George was angry inside. Once she threw a Plasma Ball, he was angry on the outside, and he actually grabbed the Plasma Ball and threw it back at her. But unlike Fire Mario, George managed to actually leave a mark. He burnt her body in a fire.

Attack on Wall Nut

Unfortunately she doesn't care how innocent you are. If a person is a target, she will do everything she can to kill that person. Wall Nut unfortunately was a target due to being on Krebs list, possibly due to being friends with AGK. Wall Nut tried to become friends with Scarlett, often talked about his favorite movies and other topics. However, she throws an ax in his head. It fails due to his strong hard head ability, and that Bomb Nut came in to save Wall Nut.

Target List

  1. Jaiden (WORKED)
  2. Blippi (WORKED)
  3. Kaeru (FAILED)
  4. Harry (WORKED)
  5. Negative Mario (WORKED)
  6. Randy (WORKED)
  7. Jeffery (FAILED)
  8. Fire Mario (FAILED/WORKED)
  9. Weegee (FAILED)
  10. George (FAILED)
  11. Wall Nut (FAILED)