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She is Hector's sister. She noticed Xinny kill him. So mailed a tape to Roxx, which somehow got to Rodrick. She got Roxx to go after Xinny. She has a YouTube channel, mainly about gaming. She made a video on Xinny, which was mainly to shame Xinny. It seemed to change people's ways of thinking of Xinny. Капитан Альбер was manipulated by her, and he went on the news to boost the shame. Her channel sits at around 40 trillion subscribers, and over 348 quintillion views. On one gameplay, she insulted Wall Nut. She eventually got onlyfans, to bring the simps. It worked for Mordecai, as he went to go to the bank just to buy it.

Bird Hater

She hates birds. In one video she said she strangles them. Eggbert noticed while AGK didn't. Eggbert hacked her when she streamed. AGK was mad, and Eggbert felt proud. Eggbert called out AGK afterwards, saying he's not a correct fan. This seemed to trigger both AGK & Leorich to unsub.