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Satanic Infinite Illuminati.png

He is a similar character to Illuminati but with huge major differences. Unlike the Illuminati he has horns, proving he has been a demon and still currently is. His head is a triangle except it's an infinite maze of triangles. You can actually enter his face. After traveling to Infinity you might enter The Black Void. At first he seemed like a normal person, but seconds after Mario explained his story as to why he got there, he wanted to torture all them. He first grabbed Spigi with invisible force, and then yanked him. Spigi fought back. He grabbed Spigi with his hands and captured his soul.

He created an invisible barrier and released a Saw Blade. He wanted to crush it on Mario and Luigi. Luckily as the blade dropped, it got stuck on the invisible barrier. Later Sweep Sweep Sweep came in and sweeped everything out of the room.