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Roxx is the assistant of the Illuminati. As seen in AGK Adventures (S01E15), he's given a task because there's less chaos going on. So he is supposed to bring more chaos back. His tasks were given. One is to go to the Mushroomverse and grab a Fakan. Then head to the Trolliverse with the Fakan, and the fun begins. His bloody eyes were caused by being punished by Eyereez.

Roxx seemed to act very off when meeting Brianna. He seemed very kind to her as a matter of a fact. When Squidward arrived with some news about money, Roxx got real jealous and angry. He later made up his mind, and he was about to destroy the city before the crowd showed up. He beat up Mario very badly, and dodged every punch Mario threw. He was defeated by Illumiweegee.

His new target ended up being AGK, after news from the Illuminati. He got distracted about Scan when he noticed him right next to AGK. He told AGK instead that if he doesn't bring Mario, he will kill AGK. AGK ignored and ran away. He never got to do his task, because Angry Sun blasted him away.

First Victim

For thousands of years, he has been working with Illuminati way before the team even grew. And his first ever victim working with the Illuminati was a guy named Branch. The oddest thing is Branch originally looked like Roxx. He was the mastermind behind Branch's whole 10000 year wait. He set up the poisonous gas, and put Branch into the ground.


He is ruthless. He doesn't care for anyone else but the Illuminati and himself. He likes to control Angry Sun and make him angry and villainous. When Mario clones began to invade from Eyepatch Weegee in Mario & Luigi Originations (S01E10), he grabbed one by the head and ripped it straight off. He continued to kill the rest.

In AGK Adventures (S02E15), he plans out a horrible thing to bomb a mall. He loves when people fear him, and he loves being in power. He stated 30,000 people were in the mall. It was learned however, he does fear someone, that being the Evil Scientist. The Evil Scientist showed no fear to Roxx and seemed more powerful. When this happens Roxx is unsure what to do. Evil Scientist decided he would plan out what happens and told Roxx and Vomeo what to do.

He later bombs the mall. However, he then purposely lets himself get caught by Капитан Стюарт. He is seen later on the news, and is detained to explain himself. Roxx is surprised he was not shot. Regardless he fears everyone because he knows exactly what is happening, and he states that trillions are watching. Roxx wasn't supposed to know but he did. He also warns AGK for what is to come for saving Branch. After being questioned what makes him evil, he states it's society but doesn't answer why it is society. He breaks out of his cuffs and teleports away.