Professer E Gadd


He is a professer. He contacts Luigi off a phone. One reason he went to contact him was to get him a new one. Second reason is because he discovered another simulation located in Pipe Maze. He realized this mission would be tough so he contacted Crazy Dave for the Whispering Squash. He seems to have no chill, when Paper Mario complained, he called him a B*tch.

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The phone he contacts Luigi on is this.

He wanted to study Angry Sun to figure out what is wrong with him. He discovered the Mood Mushroom and knows it's a virus. He created Sungee I and Sungee II. The difference is Sungee II contains the virus. Angry Sun has two DNAs. Regular and the virus. He decided to create these two people using the DNAs from Angry Sun and Weegee.

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