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This is a commonly used power in the series. It's very simple and just attacks, and explodes certain people. Many characters used this simple power. Stick Steve for example used it on Obunga, and he exploded. Fire Mario used it on the Angry Sun. It also comes in different looks and different ways of acting. When Weegee blasted one at Error Weegee in episode 2.5, it was greenish yellow. However, it acted the same as regular. Lebron James are the most interesting however. With his forms, a new type of Plasma Ball would also be achieved. In first form was the regular white color. It acted different though, as it instead teleported people to places Lebron James wanted them to go. The second form brought in the purple/blue Plasma Ball, which drained stamina. The third form brought in the black Plasma Ball, which just straight up erases your existence. Walleo & Waweegee used a couple as well. They both tried it on Lebron James. Waweegee tried it on Dan and Andy as well. Perhaps the useless time it was used was when Dan blasted one at Gary Brolsma's boombox. Or maybe it was when Waluigi used it on AGK. What's odd is this attack is extremely weak for when Waluigi uses it. Arthur.exe and Lebron James commonly used it the most. Arthur.exe uses it on AGK the most too.