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This is a real place, where there's infinite pipes in a infinite land. Freddy Krueger decided to use it as a dream for AGK. The color pipes are Gold, Red, Blue, and Green. Red is the most rare. Gold ones give out water at random moments. There's also Skewers, Saw Blades, and Plusifys. Some things break at moments. Things can even come out of the pipes, even more pipes. The creator Zack Max had made a video about this location of the series. In a sense it's very much a unique rip off of the Backrooms. Thanks to the new video out, a little more info was given for what this place has in store. The themes.


There are 6 themes in this infinite place, depth, cave, backrooms, outside, galactic, and night. Depth is the most dangerous one of them all. It's the dark area. Usually all the other themes will sometimes have things collapse from above, and cause things to be destroyed or fall down. This theme has the most destruction there is.

Cave is a little more interesting, and the least dangerous combined with backrooms. Not much to say about it other than that's basically the real maze. Backrooms is also the same as cave. It's the background that gives it's name to being like the Backrooms. The only major difference is that Skewers are the most common on the backrooms theme.

Outside shows the distance of pipes, and how far away they are. Sometimes though if you get a little high in the sky, you can start to discover huge pipes, it's rare though. Skewers also don't appear here. Galactic also is almost the same as outside. Actually, they have no difference at all, other than galactic being well... galactic. There are even times they connected into one, which was the time AGK had killed Siren Head. This is the sixth theme, night.

Things in Pipe Maze (12):

Red Pipe

Blue Pipe

Gold Pipe

Green Pipe



Bomb Plusify


Saw Blade

Blue Brick Block

Question Mark Block

Mine Block


Backrooms Theme

Cave Theme

Outside Theme

Depth Theme

Galactic Theme

Night Theme


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