Pac Man

Pac Man.png
Pac Man eating.gif
Eating Sprite

He is one of Paper Mario's friends. He is a pretty OP character but doesn't seem like it. His main ability is to swallow and eat. He swallowed a Shine Ball, and he was able to breathe it out as powerful smoke at Skodwarde. He burnt his tentacles. He managed to eat the door of a castle as well. One trick he did with Luigi was burn a Galoomba to death. Luigi got fire, and then Pac Man swallowed it. He also managed to really take out Goomboss, and he kept Mario in his mouth for backup. One point he saved Mario with his mouth from falling into spikes. His mouth has a strong grip and it can grab onto pretty much anything. He even used Waluigi to fling throw him to hit Goomboss. After Goomboss's death, he decided to eat up the body.

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