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Owl is the big brother to Eggbert. Eggbert considers him a party pooper, since he stopped the call with Eggbert & AGK. Eggbert asked for at least 1 minute and he did let him however. He also blamed AGK even though Eggbert called AGK to begin with. He told AGK, Eggbert can't be calling people early in the morning.

AGK also said Owl sucked. Owl then said he doesn't like to be called fat or that he sucks. He is scared of Whispering Squash. Owl thinks he'll eat his soul, so Owl went in another room and locked the door.

He has diabetes, and he told Benjamin Frankinstein in confidence. However, Benjamin Frankinstein exposed it as a fact for a video. He also loves cheerios. So much that he married a box. However, the box divorced him, after he called the box big and fat on camera.