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He was punished by Weegee and Meegee for his actions. He was sent living alone on a planet for years. He managed to make an airplane which took 5 years of work, and escaped the area. He wanted to get the people of United Gees Galaxy attention. He went to fly near the Twin Towers and shoot them down. He was then stopped by Капитан Альбер. He didn't beat Капитан Альбер, and he died in a plane crash.

Why Evil?

There's a reason he chose to be evil. He said the Megaverse must be punished for everything. He said it needs to vanish. It is full of sin, racism, revenge and evil. He agrees what he is doing is also a sin but after killing everything that is life, he will end himself as well.


He was oddly brought back to life by George. George said he likes to give villains a second chance. He told George he did crimes cause he felt like it, but he also promised to change. He went to attack Angry Sun. He started to shoot him, and even sacrificed his gun to help AGK.