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He is an Illuminati member that works at an Adoption Center. He leaded it. If people don't get adopted, they are murdered as the years pass. He shot Jr and Jr Jr when they weren't paying attention. He tortured them. Since the adoption center was breaking down, there was an advantage to taking him down. He was ready to shoot Icecream Man, Roger Eric, and Aaron, since they were there for 10 years.

After a bullet hit the light bulb, it somehow triggered a rocky ball that slammed onto his head, breaking a bit of the glasses of his, and knocking him out. No one knew he survived, but he landed into sand in the basement. His hand stood out but did not move. After returning, it was time for another battle, and Icecream Man challenged him. He got thrown against a wall and smacked in the face a few times, even getting smacked on the head again. This time he didn't give up. But he got distracted by the hit on his head, that Icecream Man shot a bomb exploding the Adoption Center.

While he did become evil, he wasn't always and never showed signs of it. Icecream Man often said he made jokes to the kids, and always tried to make them laugh. Unfortunately he kept Jr and Jr Jr and never let them be adopted due to them being too happy.