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He is an evil police man that should be arrested. He keeps innocent Jake Randolf locked up so he gets paid. He says to him that he's never leaving. Jake Randolf actually trusted him. He hacked his account, and put illegal stuff on there. He did it just for money.

He is also still looking for him. He noticed Jake Randolf go into AGK's house, so he asked AGK if he saw. He is terrible at police duty. When Blippi was in trouble, he just told him he wasn't on duty. He's considered the best police man in the city, yet he lets criminals free.

I Always Win :)

After lying to Chris Hansen, he went after Капитан Альбер. Капитан Альбер was searching his basement. A chain grabbed onto him, and it kept him stuck in the dark. Officer Ganson dropped a gun, and said he can kill himself. The irony is he did warn him this would happen. In his tape that Капитан Стюарт played to Капитан Альбер. It showed a weird character panicking in some flashing seizure edit, then a voice that said "let me out". This all shows what Капитан Альбер is gonna experience, which is panicking about should he end it all, and begging to be out.

Side sprite of Officer Ganson.


One day, justice was just attacking him like crazy. He was exposed on the news, attacked by Xinny & AGK, and finally fired from his job, because of Trump. However, he stayed silent and just let the chaos attack him. He had a plan.

He wasn't always corrupt as it seems. There was a time he did try to serve justice as well. He arrested Roxx, and tried to make him feel guilt. He also arrested Squidward due to Hank Hill claiming he was Skodwarde. Suddenly his mindset changed. Most likely because of how Roxx kept looking at him. He went into believing people should be free to do whatever they want.


After being fired, he was extremely angry. He decided to attack a city. He threw bombs. One exploding burnt Greg Heffley's face. He sharted to shoot people, and shot a giant chonk of Skullhead. Everyone hided out, ducked, or played dead to survive. When the police showed up, he grabs Mia, and frames her as the shooter. But it doesn't work, since everyone knew he did it.