Officer Dunk

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Officer Dunk.png
Name: Officer Dunk1

They are a weird species of officers. They have legs that don't quite even move. Instead they sort of wheel over. They have one arm which the hand is a gun. They have a weird hat which may be some sort of armor. They often came along to help Officer Daker take down Jake Randolf and his friends. They come in all different sizes and looks.

Officer Dunk2.png
Name: Officer Dunk2

Some are easy to kill and take one shot. A few however take alot. Some even pretend to be dead or knocked out, then get up and shoot. They all can die in unique ways.

Officer Dunk3.png
Name: Officer Dunk3
Officer Dunk8.png
Name: Officer Dunk8
Officer Dunk4.png
Name: Officer Dunk4
Officer Dunk5.png
Name: Officer Dunk5
Officer Dunk6.png
Name: Officer Dunk6
Officer Dunk7.png
Name: Officer Dunk7

Officer Dunk3 survived a shot, but was defeated when Officer Daker was thrown at him. Officer Dunk3 may have survived since there was no clear evidence to show he died. Unlike Officer Dunk3, the roles are reversed for Officer Dunk8. He was hit by Officer Daker first, but a gunshot kills him.

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