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Obunga is not well known in AGK Adventures. But he is a villain, and did take a lot of power to be defeated. That doesn't make him strong though, he's one of the weakest villains and barely tries to stop attacks coming at him. As seen in episode 2.5, he barely tried, so Stick Steve ended him, well kinda. He survived and appeared back for AGK in the Backrooms.

He likes onions. In episode 15, he changed his character a bit. He wanted to kill Stick Steve and tried his best at it. He used some attacks like turning giant, and turning his eyes into onions. He also took 3 1-ups, which he thought were onions. He threw an onion at Ronald McDonald's balls. It hurt very bad for Ronald McDonald, so he used his "ran ran ru" to take one his lives away.

He was killed by Stick Steve again, and this time he didn't have more lives. However, he was reformed in a weird cylinder. George knew, and George turned out to own him. He sent George to AGK and Stick Steve. He does crazy things because he's not used to being in the Mushroomverse. He lives in the Trolliverse.

Fun Facts:

  1. He is considered the forest king.
  2. He was never actually a villain, just a confused man.
  3. He can turn giant in some cases.
  4. When he says his catchphrase, "I'm watching you", he can either say it in a high-pitched voice or a low-pitched voice.

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