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He is the brother of Gary Brolsma. He secures himself from the outside world. Behind gates, cages, metal doors, and code doors. If a code is failed, a trap is set to kill you. He is a creepy character, and he sends his brother to be watched and taken care of by Dan. He wears glasses. He said he doesn't watch his brother, because he's worried he'll kill him in his sleep. When he talks, he sort of echos. He only sometimes watches his brother.

He isn't crazy but people usually think he is. He does not smile, and does not talk or do anything. However he wasn't always like this. He used to talk and smile.

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Voice Actor: Mario FanBoy 936

He seems to be very fearsome. He shot Scarlett in the back, and scared her off, by not doing anything at all. He just stared with a shotgun until she left. He also cheated at the Eyeball's game at erasing minds. He saved AGK, Waluigi, Mario, and of course himself with his own invention. He saved Waluigi and Mario without them even noticing.