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He is the brother of Gary Brolsma and Oliver. He secures himself from the outside world. Behind gates, cages, metal doors, and code doors. If a code is failed, a trap is set to kill you. He is a creepy character, and he sends his brother to be watched and taken care of by Dan. He wears glasses. He said he doesn't watch his brother, because he's worried he'll kill him in his sleep. When he talks, he sort of echos. He only sometimes watches his brother.

He isn't crazy but people usually think he is. He does not smile, and does not talk or do anything. However, he wasn't always like this. He used to talk and smile. During the death of Lucas, he watches the event, and sheds a quick tear. He still does not talk to anyone or anything just stands there.

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Voice Actor: Mario FanBoy 936

He seems to be very fearsome. He shot Scarlett in the back, and scared her off, by not doing anything at all. He just stared with a shotgun until she left. He also cheated at the Eyeball's game at erasing minds. He saved AGK, Waluigi, Mario, and of course himself with his own invention. He saved Waluigi and Mario without them even noticing.

However, he knows what many do not know. He also believes in the Simulation. He never smiles due to him believing he killed Oliver in his sleep. The glasses make him see, because his eyes melted from too much crying. The tear from Lucas's death must have been his last time he cried. He also saved the Duckton species, since he owns a giant place called Duckton Planet. During a long conversation with AGK and Xinny, he explains why he is so weird. He locks himself away in case he kills someone again.

He also had a little argument with the Eyeball. He saw the list of victims, and realized the people that were wanted. So he plays the Eyeball's game and make some minds immortal and immune to erasing. He only missed Giganeegee, because he had no idea where he was. Before his mind got erased in Behind The Dream Realm, Gary Brolsma woke him up.

Insanity Begins

This character is strong for how long he survived without going insane. But now, it is beginning. He is losing his mind. In AGK Adventures (S02E15), he broke his TV when he saw Kelljeller won in the Weegee vs Kelljeller Trolliverse tournament. Later, he's seen talking to stuffed animals and telling them to drink tea. He has become isolated completely now.