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He's considered to be a person like Herbert. He is a MAP, which means "minor attracted people". He does terrible activities on Twitter, so Weegee had trolled him. He even got Rick Rolled. He then got angry, and wanted to send his MAP friends after him. However, Weegee watched the whole thing, and got ready to end him.

He is voiced by Captain Cringe, but sometimes subtitles are used instead to say what he is saying without a voice.

Twitter: N0_F4C3

His Form: White No Face

He also went after AGK, Francis, and Jesse. He also morphed into Siren Head, and told AGK he knows his fears. He oddly used to work with Error Weegee. His first ever target to fight was Mario. He also made Mario watch Commadre Madio torture Luigi, and morphed into Luigi to trick Mario.


Oddly alot of members of Error Weegee's team went their own ways. No Face stayed with them. He planned to kill AGK & Leorich. He first started with AGK. He pretended to be Light Leopold, then pushed AGK into his other basement. It failed at first til he shot a laser. AGK survived fine, and attacked him back for going after Leorich.