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Image shows Angry Sun, 3 Negative Mario's, and Negative Luigi.

After Negative Mario left Error Weegee Team, he decided to start his own. This team also goes with many eras. Oddly the team started with Angry Sun being the leader, and also getting more members. Era 1 had a very low amount of team members. Angry Sun was the only one really doing something, while Negative Mario was hidden in the shadows. Angry Sun would keep going into forms, and attacking whoever he can. Then he lied to TGWMHH so he would join the crew. TGWMHH found out and quit, and Angry Sun was killed. This started up Era 2.

Less Is Fine

This now left with 2 members, but really only one cause Angry Sun is dead. This is when Negative Mario had to take a stand. He went after those who killed Angry Sun. Soon however, he died as well. But it did not end there. This started up Era 3, which introduced Negative Luigi & Dark Mario. They kept on his legacy. Negative Luigi went after Mario & his friends. Dark Mario went to get another member. Dark Mario got Angry Sun's son Sungee II. This brings the team up to 5 people. 2 are dead, and 3 are active. There has been no sign of Angry Sun after his death. Dark Mario decided to boost this team up one more time. He created Mecha Luigi.

ERA 1 (3)

Angry Sun

Negative Mario


ERA 2 (2)

Angry Sun (Dead)

Negative Mario

ERA 3 (6)

Angry Sun (Dead)

Negative Mario (Dead)

Dark Mario

Sungee II

Negative Luigi

Mecha Luigi