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This was an enemy created by Error Weegee from a black hole. He was used to stall Mario. He can do the same things as Mario. He was defeated by a punch of the Hammer. He exploded. However, he's not dead. Error Weegee went back in time, to bring him to the present. He went into Mario's dream, and told him to wake up. He promised to help him find Luigi. He shown instructions on how to defeat a few of the army, those being Todd & Error Weegee. It was all a trick. While Mario was about to battle Error Weegee, he sneaks from behind to blast Mario. He defeated Mario in a crazy battle, but Negative Mario lost too. Geemina showed up to put an end to Negative Mario.

You're Tough, I'm Tougher

He was also able to attack Gavin, which means he became more powerful. He can also change color to make him seem like a different clone of Mario. While AGK, Yoshi, Waluigi, and Mario were searching for Obunga, Negative Mario showed up for a return. Turns out, he wanted to take over with Angry Sun. He came back to revenge Angry Sun. Error Weegee was betrayed, due to him wanting power and army to himself. Negative Mario enjoys seeing him stuck where he is. He attacked each one, starting with Mario. He whacked Mario away with a Hammer. Next he went after Waluigi. Waluigi threw a strong punch. Sadly he fell into a Portal, and fell out one to a bomb. Yoshi tried to eat him, and that failed as well. AGK threw a Bowling Ball, but he caught it. He kept trying to blast AGK, but AGK was able to attack back. It gave Mario a chance to wham back. He was defeated when Obunga hit him in the back.


After Mario killed him, Error Weegee went to the past to grab another version of him. In the process he killed past Error Weegee. As Eyepatch Weegee explained, going to the past is entering another reality, with a slim chance of not returning to the present. Error Weegee and past Error Weegee are not the same person, however, Negative Mario from the past is the same as the present. When Error Weegee went to grab him from the past, he didn't have any issue, and was aware of all of the present stuff and how he died before. So Negative Mario does not exist in the past version Error Weegee went to.


Because he credited a kill as his, Scarlett went after him. When she told him that, he just told her "cry about it brat". He had the upper hand, because he blasted off her legs. Sadly he was not paying attention. Her leg still worked, and it blasted him, killing him. He was sent to Hell 2.0. Most likely was tortured by Apollyon. However, his legacy can still live on. He created new fellas for his crew. It seems now, he's learned to avoid Marvio. He's even pinned down Apollyon.


Don't Mess With Negative Mario

Gavin Was Defeated