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She was sent to guard and protect Xinny. Sent by Boris. She got rid of Mordecai after he attacked Xinny. She met him while Xinny was in a bad mood however. She let herself in his house as well, and went to eat something in the kitchen. Her karma was a chat with Andy. She keeps her word on guarding, but is still pretty hated. She luckily distracted and fought with robotic Giganeegee before he attacked Xinny, however she became too convident which made her lose.

Her Halloween costume is of a nurse.

No one invited her to live in Dan's house but she does it anyways. She also gained a crush on Dan regardless of him having a girlfriend already. Xinny is frustrated and constantly tries to stop her. Andy also targets her and bothers her similar to how he bothers Dan.

She has a whole failing saga lusting for Dan. Xinny caught two of them. She tried to touch Dan in the shower and also had Dan cuddle her while he sleeps. She went as far as to use her Halloween costume to hopefully get Dan's attention but it was still a fail.

Terrible Personality

While being a hero, she has a terrible personality when it comes to crushes. During a battle with Ian and AGK, she did not defend AGK, and crushed on Ian due to his similar look to Dan. She also crushed on Pete and asked if he was single. Bomb Nut often mocks her because of her personality being so terrible.