Giga Meegee1

He has crazy teleportion powers. He proved it by teleporting from the Trolliverse to the Mushroomverse to grab Aaron. He helped Mario and Luigi teleport to Brianna. He lives underground. He had gotten a computer for his birthday that doesn't even work. Heck, the screen came right off. He also watched Roxx and Mario battle and enjoyed it. He is able to give people teleportion for 5 minutes. He gave it to Mario to defeat Roxx, but it went nowhere. He also warned Weegee about Roxx. It seems the teleportion powers he is able to give have an unknown limit in distance. Mario was able to teleport anywhere, but teleported to Fortran to then be teleported to the Mushroomverse. He has the voice of both Mario & Luigi.

He is the only one to see Illumiweegee, and not do anything. He didn't bother joining IlluminaGee. He also accepts defeat. When he lost his Tournament, he gave congrats to Weegee.

Giga Meegee2

Aftermath of being burnt by Dark Mario.

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