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He is an Uncanny clone of Max Headroom. He was Icecream Man's friend back in the adoption center, but they seemed to split. When Icecream Man returns, he wants to get him out of here, but he refuses. Max Headroom 2.0 built a cult down in the basement of the adoption center and plans to act revenge on society. He was angry people rejected them, were always called ugly, and that they were useless.


He wants the remaining Uncannys dead. When Uncanny 2 goes against Icecream Man a second time, Icecream Man traps him through a ceiling. This makes it easy for Max Headroom 2.0 to act his revenge since he was above the ceiling. He uses a fork and stabs into Uncanny 2, and he begins to eat him.


In AGK Adventures (S02E15), he makes the unexpected return. As George is talking on the news, Max Headroom 2.0 hijacks the TV Xinny is watching from. Xinny quickly puts together that he's now a target by Icecream Man. It was when he threw away the milkshake from AGK Adventures (S02E13) offered by Merlylin.