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He's laying down

This is a Mario clone. He was Mario's partner in Zombicon. He has a stutter problem, and is always quite confused on things. After Mario was kicked out, he had to leave as well. Mario however later threw him into a pile of zombies. He was still alive, so Fire Mario ended his life. Mario later in the series explained he doesn't wanna bring him back to life, as he was a confirmed racist, etc.


This is his true form and what he looks like. He just has the power to also turn into Mario.

Years gone by, and he was a major leader for Goomboss. He was enjoying killing the Goomba species and slaving them. He caught Mario & Waluigi on trying to hide Goombas. He sent out the Galoombas to steal Goombas. He also defeated Mario in a quick battle. Some point in the Goomba war, he disappeared while his leader was gonna be killed. He firstly was arguing some people making sure they don't escape, but after a distraction, someone threw a Square Block on his head. He got trapped inside it. Later on as Mario goes to destroy the block, he teleports away with the block. A video of him then plays of him pointing at Mario saying he is the chosen one. Because he decided not to change, Mario beat him up on a mountain.

He wasn't done yet. Roxx offered to help him get back on his feet. Major reason is because he tricked Issac. He made him seem like a bad person. Issac banned slavery but his whole entire time as leader, he didn't know Mario 318 got the paper and changed it to yes he wants slavery. So currently he is a wanted criminal in the Trolliverse.

He still continues to be mad about this event of losing the war. He continues to try to get revenge. He claimed Luigi cheated for having Whispering Squash for helping, but he had Angry Sun helping him. This means he's also a hypocrite. Mario sliced his face with a Saw Blade which had defeated him. It didn't stop there. He raided Peach's Castle and attacked a bunch of people. He started with Amiibo Mario and Green Toad, attacking them with an insane speed. Fire Mario was targeted next. He was unaware of there being a bomb that was just landed so he got attacked by the explosion.

Before attacking anyone else, he jumped on a Rectangle Block attached to two other rectangles attached to a ceiling. One rectangle let go of it once he jumped on it. Batch Goomba ended up doing this. He used this rectangle to whack him over and over. Next he dropped it onto him trapping him on a floor. Batch Goomba then hit a switch, and the floor disappeared. He didn't come back.

Finally Caught

Thousands of years later, he enters into the Trolliverse war, which was going against and ending slavery in that universe. He helps the KKK Members fight back. However, they all lose, and he flees to hide. Illumiweegee sents Issac and Geemina to catch him finally. Issac when he was leader failed to do this, but now he was able too.