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He is a good friend of Brianna. He supports his brother Luigi the best he can. After hearing about there being one Coffee Mushroom left, he wanted to help Luigi with that problem. He went with Luigi on a quick adventure to Meegee, to then teleport to Brianna. He also used a Plasma Ball to take out a Sun Ball attack from Roxx. This saved Squidward in the process. He couldn't beat Roxx without a Hammer. He now lives with Toad & Disco Zombie in City 01819.

Nickname: Super Mario


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Mario's other look

After being killed by accident of Groovy Banana, AGK was the only other witness. He took Mario with him until he could get a 1-up. However, it was not needed. After Luigi was being attacked by Ian, Mario sensed it and woke up from the dead. He was sad to know about the news, and he knew he couldn't help him. He then talked to AGK for a few moments. AGK explained why he died. He ended up being a pal of AGK, and guarded his house for him while AGK went on a road trip. He did not stop Harry from breaking in however.

Chill Man

He is kind of panicking after Giganeegee told everything to him about the Simulation, etc. He quickly distracted Rachel from trying anything. He also was wondering if Internet Realm is really real.

Dancing Mario


Inferno Mario

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