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Yes, Weegee brother. Malleo is a bit crazy and does drive Weegee nuts. At night, he turns on toasters, because he thinks they told him too. He really likes toast, but sadly Error Malleo took them. Unlike his brother which has a teleportation limit, Malleo doesn't. He is an often meaner version of Weegee, when being pranked once from Ashley, he pulls out a gun. He saved Dan from the Backrooms in episode 14. His voice is also Mario's. The series has proved he is cranky, as when he was kidnapped by Booette, he didn't ask even why. He just went crazy and mad at her. Another time he proved to be cranky was with TGWMHH. He hated to be ignored by him.


He's often rude when he doesn't get what he wants. When Weegee was trying to sleep, he didn't seem to care. He didn't even help Weegee during Meegee's Tournament, and punched BB27 at him.


His personality is often coco. He is a crazy person and likes to troll Weegee. If someone doesn't go his way, he will lose it. An example was when he pulled out a gun on Ashley for being trolled. He is a nice person but with a slight evil personality. He also can be really reasonable when he needs to be. An example of that is when he told Weegee that fighting Kelljeller was a bad idea.


  1. Dr Malleo
  2. Nazi Malleo
  3. Fire Malleo