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He is a friend of AGK and Kareeo. He is usually willing to help anyone with anything. He was willing to have Harry live with him, but he did refuse. He also got in trouble with the law because he wanted to defend Jake Randolf.

Tough Luck Kid

While he was hanging around in detention, Vomeo and Layla were messing with the school he was in. He brought a gun to the school, and was ready to find who was messing with the school. His mistake was telling Vomeo because Vomeo was his friend at the time. They went into a gun fight, and unfortunately he lost his father.

What is odd is how he does not cry or show much emotion although he was stressed and upset. At one point, he did nothing in class and just sat there with shock. Principle Diknoz sent him to the nurse until he went back to normal. The story does not end there.

He knew something was still up, so late at night, he went back to the school. A bomb plan failed because Vomeo wanted to do something more fun by messing with the school. He disabled it. However, Roxx planned to redo the whole plan. After Lucas entered the school, everyone heard. The school was dark, and Hector and Layla wore NightVision Glasses. Although he's powerless he does have a good sense of things, and was able to catch an axe that was gonna launch into his head.

The way to win against both Hector and Layla was to destroy their night vision. He used his gun to shoot the glass from their glasses, and they were unable to attack. Due to Lucas's sense he was able to spot them. He turned Hector's own powers against him, then launched a locker at Layla, pinning her legs in place.

He went searching for Vomeo next, but that was his mistake. His father Alan, appears one last time. His body on some sort of metal rope, hanging from the ceiling to taunt him. Vomeo then teleported and threw Lucas into the vents. Now it was about escaping. He climbed through the vents, as creepy and dark as they were. Luckily now he grabbed NightVision Glasses as well. He later discovers an Alien Spider crawling around and he tries to smack it away. Roxx finally hears him crawling and decides to blast the ceiling, but the power was too strong that the ceiling collapses onto him, and Lucas achieves the bomb.


Although he achieved the bomb, he didn't know how to disable it and destroy it. He goes to Kareeo's house to hopefully get help, but someone unexpected showed up. During the school raid, there was 5 people, but only 4 were seen by Lucas. Error Weegee returns to mock and kill Lucas. He states his progress becomes his fate, and he steals the bomb through power force. Kareeo, Lucas, and AGK all stare at this event, as Error Weegee launches the bomb right back at Lucas, killing him. This made AGK want to finally become powerful, and revenge Lucas.