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He is a friend of AGK and Kareeo. He is usually willing to help anyone with anything. He was willing to have Harry live with him, but he did refuse. He also got in trouble with the law because he wanted to defend Jake Randolf.

Tough Luck Kid

While he was hanging around in detention, Vomeo and Layla were messing with the school he was in. He brought a gun to the school, and was ready to find who was messing with the school. His mistake was telling Vomeo because Vomeo was his friend at the time. They went into a gun fight, and unfortunately he lost his father.

What is odd is how he does not cry or show much emotion although he was stressed and upset. At one point, he did nothing in class and just sat there with shock. Principle Diknoz sent him to the nurse until he went back to normal.