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He is the lost dead brother of AGK. Harold choked him to death. He appeared in AGK's dream after being knocked out by Wall Nut. He said Michael Myers & Roxx are heading there way to AGK. He said everything in a hurry. He then got AGK to wake up. His voice is very odd. It seems to be Leonidas's voice, but with creepy music stuck into the voice.


He knows the future of everything. He told AGK about this playing Perfect Balance on Inferno mode. He told him, if he doesn't play Leorich could be killed. He also knew when Icecream Man was gonna show up, and try to take over the dream. It turns out he's extremely strong, and shook the dream to throw Icecream Man.

Daniel Slikk

The original look before death

He has scary powers, that he's able to scare away Trio Of Killerz. He decided to show AGK how he died. It started with Harold yelling at him for not praying to Hitler. He cried that Harold kicked out Harry over belief and told him no. Then of course he was killed. Then he claimed Leonidas was next.


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